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Learning Norwegian II — from a Romanic language speaker’s perspective

Some time ago my Norwegian language course reached its end. It was ten weeks in which we (the students) had had a first contact with Norwegian. I reaffirm what I said about the teacher on my first post about that course. She was very friendly and helpful, never ever getting nervous or impatient, always willing to help us.

Learning Norwegian I — from a Romanic language speaker’s perspective

The goal of this post (and I hope the following ones) is to explain my experience as a learner of Norwegian, a language the last week I began to learn. I must admit that it was difficult to find a place in Barcelona where it was taught (at the end of this post I will explain some of the reasons I think could explain this), but I finally found one, the School of Modern Languages of the University of Barcelona. It’s an introductory course of 40 hours, twice days a week, two hours a day. We are eight people enrolled in the course.