Learning Norwegian II — from a Romanic language speaker’s perspective

Some time ago my Norwegian language course reached its end. It was ten weeks in which we (the students) had had a first contact with Norwegian. I reaffirm what I said about the teacher on my first post about that course. She was very friendly and helpful, never ever getting nervous or impatient, always willing to help us.

Nearly the end of my first post I said that I hoped that my experience would prove that Norwegian was not a difficult language to learn. Well, now I can say that, at least according to my experience, Norwegian is not a difficult language to learn. At least its basics are not. Needless to say, knowing English is a huge help. German may help, sometimes, with the vocabulary — and the other way around.

We have covered several points of grammar and vocabulary, like modal verbs, the past tense, the perfect, clothes, food, weather, how to tell the time, adjectives, greetings, furniture, etc. I would like to have covered too non-verbal aspects of communication such as how Nordic people express their feelings, for example, because I bet there are significant differences in these points. But 40 hours is a limited period of time and something must be left for another occasion.

There is only one thing I regret, and it is not having begun earlier — both with Norwegian and with German, another language I’m currently learning. This is a mistake widely made in Spain — and, unfortunately, we Catalans are not an exception — that learning new languages is something not considered worthy of spending time and making an effort. Why this is so is a very interesting topic, which perhaps I will cover on other posts. Fortunately, there is another place in Barcelona in which I will be able to continue learning Norwegian, but I will have to wait until October to begin a new course — if it happens, something that I still do not know, that I still be in Barcelona at that time.

Thanks God, according to the description of the that new course, the goals are not only about learning the language, but also society and culture, something I’m looking forward to learning.